Beauty on a Budget: Tiktoker Shares 7 Superdrug Dupes of Luxury Makeup Products

Splurging on luxury makeup products may not be for everyone. The good thing is dupes are now available on the market for shoppers who are on a budget but still want to achieve the perfect glam. 

TikTok account “Latest Deals” shared on the platform seven dupes of luxury makeup products that can be easily found at Superdrug stores or through their online website, reminding her viewers that achieving a glamorous look does not always come with a hefty price. 

Number one on the list is the Collection Filter Finish Foundation, a dupe for Fenty Pro Filter. The Collection foundation can be bought at £6.99 while the Fenty one costs £30. 

Next is the dupe for the Benefit Roller Lash (£25.50) and the Elf Lash ‘N Roll Mascara (£6), which can help you save £20.

Last but not least is the Maybelline 4-in-1 Glow Perfector foundation (£12.99), a dupe for the Charlotte Tillbury flawless filter foundation (£39)

The video became viral as it garnered 810.9k views on TikTok with 50.1k likes, while 16.9k people added it to their favorites. 

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