Hailey Bieber(Photo : Getty Images/Michael Tran/AFP)
US model Hailey Bieber arrives for the 2023 Baby2Baby Gala in Los Angeles, California, on November 11, 2023. This year’s gala honors Mexican-US actress Salma Hayek Pinault.

Hailey Bieber is here to set another beauty trend, and this one is perfect for the winter season.

Glazed donut nails, latte makeup, strawberry girl makeup, and cinnamon cookie butter hair are just some of the trends popularized by Bieber in the past few years. Now, she’s decided it’s time for a new one: the “Sugar Plum Fairy” makeup inspired by “The Nutcracker.”

The Rhode founder posted a TikTok video Tuesday showcasing her favorite “vibe” for the holiday season to her followers.