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Welcome to the section of the BC Radiological Society website that offers Information for Health Care Professionals who refer patients for diagnostic imaging procedures.

Others are welcome to visit this section of the site as well.

The Health Care Professional page tells you what radiological services are offered in hospitals and healthcare centres in British Columbia and where to find them.

A list of imaging standards and guidelines are also available for reference as well as the links to access them.

Please visit this site again as we are building resources and hope to make more available in the near future.  If you have any suggestions of what you would find useful on this site, please contact us.

Standards vs Guidelines

Standards, by definition, are a level of quality or attainment; an idea of thing used as a measure, norm or model in comparative evaluations. Guidelines are defined as general rules, principles or pieces of advice.  Therefore, Standards tell us “how” to perform specific examinations and Guidelines indicate “when”.

Standards are not “rules” but are guidelines that attempt to define principles of practice that should generally produce radiological care.

The standards are generally not intended to establish a legal standard of care or conduct, and deviation from a standard in and of itself does not indicate or imply that such medical practice is below an acceptable level of care.  The radiologist, taking into consideration each unique situation, must make the ultimate judgment regarding the appropriateness of any specific standard.


Diagnostic Imaging Guidelines and Standards

BC Ministry of Health Services
Guidelines and Protocol Advisory Committee
Radiology Guidelines

Ankle Injury – X-ray for Acute Injury of the Ankle or Mid-Foot
Bone Densitometry Measurement in Women
Mammography – Protocol for the Use of Diagnostic Facilities
Colorectal Cancer – Follow-up of Patients after Curative Resection


Patient Information Guides

Bone Densitometry Measurement and Osteoporosis


Canadian Association of Radiologists Standards

Abscess Drainage
Barium Enema – Adult
Biliary Interventions
Bone Densitometry
Breast Imaging
Breast Interventional
Breast Ultrasound
Central Venous Access
Cervical Spine Radiography
Chest Radiography
CT Scans
Excretory Urography
Fluoroscopic Equipment
General Radiography
Genitourinary Tract – ureteral stents
Intravascular Stents
IVC Filter Placement