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ByGeca Davis

Mar 09, 2021 11:18 PM EST


James Charles gets honest as he reveals his thoughts about the newest collaboration with E.L.F. Cosmetics and Chipotle.

The beauty guru recently announced on his social media that he did a makeup review with the brand’s burrito-inspired collection.

A self-confessed Chipotle fan himself, the YouTuber shared that he hasn’t done makeup reviews for such a long time; hence, he vowed to give the viewers his honest opinion about E.L.F.’s latest collaboration.

“CHIPOTLE Launched A MAKEUP Line!? I’m a little bias because I love a burrito bowl, but… HONEST REVIEW is now LIVE on my channel!” James Charles’ Twitter reads.


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James Charles Makeup Review: E.L.F. Cosmetics X Chipotle

The 21-year-old internet celebrity shared that he was thrilled with the newest team-up of E.L.F. since he was a diehard fan of the Mexican food chain.

Moreover, he blurted out his obsession and mentioned that he had a phase where he used to eat Chipotle about four to five times a week.

Extra Guac Sponge Set, $10

Extra Guac Sponge Set(Photo : ElF Website)

James Charles started off his makeup review by blending his foundation using E.L.F. and Chipotle’s guac avocado sponge.

While gently beating his face with the sponge, he shared that it is softer than the usual blending sponge but preferred a more dense beauty tool.

He then followed up with a concealer and set it with a Laura Mercier translucent powder.

Chipotle Eyeshadow Palette, $16


After contouring his face, the beauty guru tested out Chipotle Eyeshadow Palette.

This limited-edition product comes in 12-piece eyeshadow shades that are inspired by Chipotle ingredients.

The 21-year-old makeup artist started off by applying the pinto beans shade, which has a medium brown tone and applied it along his crease for creating bold eye makeup.

He then mixed it up with a hot salsa which has a hint of a brown and orange tone. Blending the colors using a Morphe brush, James Charles added black beans shade, which features a deep brown tone.

Capping off his burrito-inspired makeup, which he described as the orange, mild salsa eye, he applied pinto beans shade along his lower lashline to create a smokey eye makeup effect.

Moving on to the next eye, he used a green eyeshadow in the shade of lettuce. As for his transition, he used guac, featuring a shimming shade of lime green.

For a pop of color, he then used a shade of gold called corn salsa at the middle part to brighten up the eye makeup. Finishing off the look, he popped on some eyelashes and mascara for his burrito-inspired makeup.

Make It Hot Lip Gloss, $8

However, let’s not forget the lips. James Charles used E.L.F.’s Make It Hot Lip Gloss that has a hint of red-hot color with a high-shine finish.

Moreover, this limited-edition gloss has a lip-plumping effect, making your lips fuller ala, Kylie Jenner.

Aside from the plumping effect, it also has a moisturizing and hydrating formula that will leave the lips feeling soft and nourished.

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