woman doing makeup(Photo : Vecteezy/dao_kp20226443)

TikTok has been abuzz with a beauty trend called Douyin makeup, a style originating from China. This style focuses on enhancing your natural features to achieve a doll-like charm, and it’s gained immense popularity not just in Asia but globally.

Taking its name from China’s prominent short video platform, Douyin, this trend has swiftly taken over the beauty industry, garnering millions of views under hashtags like “#douyinmakeup” and “#douyinmakeuptutorial.”

The hallmarks of Douyin makeup are distinctive; think sparkling eyeshadows, eyes that twinkle like stars, a luminous, dewy skin tone, and whimsical lashes. These key elements combine to create a mesmerizing aesthetic that has caught the attention of everyone.

How to do Douyin makeup