A note on the issue: Explore on foot and with food


Viewing a city through the lens of food is a good way to understand its socioeconomic history

The nights have been getting chillier over the last few weeks, and in most parts of the country, the weather is now perfect for long rambles through the city in search of stories, books, music, food or history. A great way to learn about the city you live in—whether it has been your home for decades or you moved in three weeks ago—is to sign up for a guided food walk. Many food tours have, unfortunately, become a reason to overeat at the most popular restaurants, but thoughtfully created walks can be an immersion in a city’s culture.

Viewing a city through the lens of its food is not only a way to learn about the best places to eat but also to understand its socioeconomic history. Our cover story brings together curated walks that reveal a different side to cities, and serve as a guide to helping you find similarly unusual tours in your own city, or any other you might visit. 

In Kolkata, for instance, a mishti walk leads you through its century-old neighbourhoods, the labour of its sweet-makers, and a way of life that’s slowly disappearing. In Mumbai, we lead you on walks that will give you a glimpse of the city’s prohibition era, its rapid growth and urbanisation fuelled by a construction boom, and its unusual drinking habits and watering holes. In Goa, rather than just hit the beach and the bars, you could also spend a day learning about the state’s indigenous communities through food tours.

In this same spirit of exploration, we have a story on “empty nesters”, or couples whose children have left home, who have chosen to take long road trips and tick off their bucket list of things-to-do rather than wait for their now-independent kids to call on them. We also have an interview with Twinkle Khanna, who has reinvented herself time and again; she’s now earned a master’s degree in writing and has published another book of short stories, which she discusses with Lounge. Besides this, we have our regular line-up of stories and reviews of streaming shows, books, music, style, food and culture.

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