A note on the issue: The season of gifting and giving


There’s nothing like finding the perfect gift. There’s a sense of quiet joy in knowing you have managed to match person to object

We have all probably grumbled about our parents being hoarders, holding on to the most bizarre objects. My mother is one of them, and it made little sense until we were packing for a move some time ago. She was considering and reconsidering whether to throw away a head carved from a coconut, the scalp of which, somewhat ghoulishly, opened up. “Someone went out and made the effort to pick this as a thank-you gift, believing your father would use it,” she explained. 

Setting aside the fact that the giver might not have had pure feelings of gratitude or regard, going by that empty head that opened up, there’s no denying that picking a gift is an exercise in expressing emotion. 

There’s nothing like finding the perfect gift; there’s a sense of quiet joy in knowing you have managed to match person to object, whether you are picking the thing because it’s practical, beautiful or just plain fun. Gift vouchers are great when colleagues or friends who have taken up a collection are trying to please everyone in the group of givers as well as the lone receiver, but making the effort to find a gift that suits the person who’s going to rip open the wrapping paper is special—and that’s the thought behind the Lounge gifting guide for the festive season. 

Three issues in a row to celebrate the festive season may seem excessive—a décor special two weeks ago to help you set the tone at home, followed by an issue about throwing the warmest house parties, and now one on gifting—but the Lounge gifting guide is always a celebration in itself. This may be a smaller-than-usual version but it’s just as thoughtfully curated, paying attention to individual interests and passions, and celebrating homegrown Indian design and craft. 

Whether you are a pet parent, a tech geek, a person with a green thumb, or someone who’s all about getting the most out of “me time”, you will find something to covet in this careful selection of items that are just as fun to keep as they are to give.

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