Hair Colors That Are Forecasted to Be Popular in 2024


Cherry cola red is a deep chocolate-red shade with hints of purple tones throughout the hair, perfect for women with medium to long hair.

In 2024, expect subtle highlights that blend naturally with the hair color, especially for those with blonde hair.

This hairstyle is perfect for anyone seeking a natural look with highlights that seamlessly blend in and aren’t too obvious.

Copper Hair Color

Copper hair (Photo : Pexels/PRIDE STAR)

Just like Cynthia Nixon’s iconic copper hair, expect to see this shade more commonly worn in 2024. Some hairstylists are predicting this color to be popular, and it is the perfect choice for anyone with short hair or a pixie cut.

Getting the right shade is a bit challenging, so make sure to go to the right hairstylist. You don’t want it to come out too orange but rather more of a ginger look.

Caramel Brown

Caramel brown
(Photo : Pexels/Moose Photos)

It’s safe to say that lighter hair colors are becoming more popular with influencers and reality stars. Over the years, caramel brown has become the go-to brown shade due to its rich color, especially on long hair.

For those with dark brown hair who want a safe, lighter color to try out, caramel brown is expected to be one of the popular shades in 2024.

There are different ways to achieve caramel brown, such as highlights or an ombre style by only dyeing the bottoms caramel brown.

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