Lip Colors You Should Have in Your Makeup Bag


lipstick shades(Photo : Pexels/Dids)

Lipsticks can make or break your makeup look and give you the final pop of color needed to complete your glam for the day.

Having to find the right lipstick to match a look every time can be a hassle, so it’s best to keep at least a few colors in your makeup bag.

Whether you are new to the makeup world or need to update your makeup vanity, let’s look at some lipstick colors you need to have.

A Nude Shade

A lipstick everyone needs in their bag is a nude color that complements their skin tone.

Since everyone’s skin tone is different, the perfect nude lipstick for someone else may not be the right one for you, so it’ll take some testing to find your shade.

What may suit you could be a light pink, cream or a shade of brown. Either way, everyone should have one in their makeup kit for everyday wear.

A Red Lipstick

All makeup wearers need to have a red lipstick in their bag. You never know where the day will take you; you may be invited on a last-minute date and need something to give your face a pop of color for the outing.

A red shade is also perfect for evening gatherings and formal events, providing a finshing touch to shimmery makeup and glittering outfits.

For lighter skin tones, a deep red or a red with berry undertones might be the better choice. When it comes to darker skin tones, stick to ones that have pink or purple undertones.

A Pink Color

For those who like something simple but still want to feel like they have some color on their lips, a perfect pink shade is great to have in your bag.

Pink is a color that looks good on everyone, but make sure the shade you buy complements your skin tone. 

Depending on your preference, you can opt for a light pink or hot pink color. But carrying a flattering neutral-toned pink shade is recommended as it’ll go with more makeup looks.

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