What Blush Placement Suits Your Face Shape?


Asian woman applying blush makeup(Photo : Vecteezy/Mix and Match Studio)

Applying blush holds a significant place in makeup routines. Beyond imparting a healthy glow or brightening effect, its transformative power lies in shaping and sculpting the face.

However, not all blush placements complement individual features. With diverse facial shapes and attributes, specific blush placements work better for different people. Knowing where to put your blush allows for contouring and enhancing various face shapes by strategically highlighting or softening features.

Understanding these face shapes and their corresponding blush placements enables you to manipulate light and shadow, creating optical illusions to accentuate and flatter your natural features. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that makeup’s rules are up to you, so choose what you think suits you best!

Let’s delve into the unique characteristics of each face shape and explore why certain blush placements are most effective.

1. Blush placement for round face

round face blush(Photo : TikTok/sephoracanada)

If you have a round-shaped face characterized by soft curves and fuller cheeks, applying blush in angular placement towards the temples can create the illusion of length. This technique, aiming slightly higher, lifts and slims the face, offering a more elongated appearance.

round face blush(Photo : TikTok/sephoracanada)

2. Blush placement for square face

square face blush(Photo : TikTok/alejayofficial)

For a square face with a strong jawline and nearly equal width and length, applying blush at the center of the cheeks softens angular features. This placement adds a gentle, rounded touch, complementing the face’s square angles.

3. Blush placement for heart-shaped face

diamond face blush(Photo : TikTok/rachelocool)

Heart-shaped faces, which have wider foreheads, defined cheekbones, and narrow chins, can benefit from blush starting at the apples of the cheeks. Blending it upward toward the temples accentuates cheekbones, balancing the wider forehead and pointed chin.

heart shaped face blush(Photo : TikTok/rachelocool)

4. Blush placement for long or oval face

oval face blush(Photo : TikTok/sarahssuperspa)

If you have a long or oval-shaped face, characterized by elongated proportions, consider trying horizontal blush placement across the cheeks. This technique creates width, balancing the face’s elongated appearance. Additionally, adding blush to the side of the forehead diverts attention and adds a touch of color to the upper face, aiding in achieving a more balanced look.

oval face blush(Photo : TikTok/sarahssuperspa)

5. Blush placement for diamond-shaped face

diamond face blush(Photo : TikTok/rachelocool)

If you have a diamond-shaped face, which typically features wider cheekbones with a narrower forehead and chin, applying blush from the top of the apple of the cheeks toward the hairline can beautifully complement your face. This technique helps achieve a soft, flattering balance and accentuate your unique face shape.

diamond face blush(Photo : TikTok/rachelocool)

6. Blush placement for triangular face

triangular face blush(Photo : TikTok/katetalbertmua)

If your face has a triangular shape, where the forehead is narrower than the jawline, consider using blush in a sideway V formation from your cheekbones toward your temples. This method helps harmonize the broader jawline with the forehead, achieving a more balanced appearance across your face.

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