What Is Lip Blushing? Should You Try It?


Lip Blushing
(Photo : Pexels/ Shiny Diamond)

Women have sought fuller and more defined lips for years, exploring procedures like lip fillers or learning lip liner techniques to achieve a plumper appearance.

These days, people are steering away from invasive options and opting for subtle procedures that provide a natural finish. One of these techniques is lip blushing.

Lip blushing is a procedure that gives people a semi-permanent tattoo on their lips to even out the lip color, providing shape and definition.

When performed by a professional, lip blushing can be less painful and offers a more natural look compared to lip fillers, which can sometimes result in a “duck lip” appearance. 

For those averse to pain and needles, lip blushing involves using a thin needle to create small cuts on the lips that are then filled with color.

The procedure gives you fuller-looking lips, as they take on a hyper-saturated appearance. Dry lips lacking hydration tend to look smaller.

Lip blushing is a great option for women who want naturally fuller lips without having to resort to fillers or implants, which can look obviously artificial. It’s also suitable for people seeking to add a small amount of plumpness to their lips without making them too big.

When it comes to prices, just like lip fillers and other beauty procedures, lip blushing can be pricey. You can expect to spend anywhere between $500 and $1,500, depending on the location and professional doing the procedure.

Given the potentially hefty price tag, it’s best to choose a practitioner who has garnered great reviews to do your lip blushing. 

In addition, how your lips look can affect your whole face, so making sure you go to the right professional for the procedure is a must.

Expect the effects of lip blushing to last a year before needing a re-touch. 

However, several factors can affect the longevity of the look and lead to you booking an appointment earlier than you should. Smoking, exfoliation, and oily-prone skin can cause the lip blushing to fade, so speak to a professional before getting this done.

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